Current Status

I’ve been able to spend part of the last two days working on the railroad. it’s nice to get back to work after having been delayed the last couple of months for various reasons. The photos will bring you up to date as far as the railroad itself is concerned.

First up I was able to do a test fit of the Esso gas station that will be located on Main Street, Calais. The model was built about five years ago in anticipation of this scene. It is built from a Berkshire Valley kit of a 1950’s style white tile faced station. Various companies had them. Mine was obviously completed as the Esso version. I’m pleased with the initial fit.


The rough looking gray stuff on either side of the road is the scenery base material. The stub ended track is the engine house track. It will be covered once the building is in place.

The next view is the St. Croix river basin which is about ready for the first of several epoxy pours.


The next photos are shots of switch tie work being added to Eastport Yard. Note that around each switch base there is a red outline. These bases are temporarily held down with double sided tape until the height of the ties are planed down. Then the several switches can be removed and taken to the work bench for an easier time of spiking.


The final shot is the current status of Ayers Jct. The roadway is in the process of being raised to meet the crossing timbers.


Meanwhile at the workbench I have completed the detailing of a 2-bay covered hopper which is being constructed for the Mearlcrete operation. More on that later.


2 thoughts on “Current Status

  1. Hi Ben,
    Good to see your up and about the railroad…making gains and seeing the plans reach closer to the reality. I like the ESSO station…remembering all to well filling up my Mom’s 58 Chevy at the local one…actually that is having it filled up along with checking the oil, water and tire pressure all for about 25 cents a gallon, ahhh the good old days. The water feature your ready to pour…are you seeking a glassy smooth look or slightly ruffled perhaps? For slightly ruffled I have found nice results using gloss Mod Podge which I get at Wal-Mart and dappling it on the base. But regardless of what you use it will be fine, your no stranger to water features. Enjoy it all Ben.

    Stay Busy.


    • Hello Bob,
      Yes, I remember 26 cents per gallon. Whatever happened to that?
      The St. Croix River is a tidal river at Calais. Usually it is fairly calm. I would like it to reflect the photo backdrop if possible, so I will let it level out naturally. I plan to use a water clear epoxy that is made by West System.
      Another water feature that I have is the Pennamaquan River (low trestle) and that I will put a few ripples in for a flowing stream.
      Eastport Harbor will also be done as calm. The main reason is that I have a number of waterline boats that I can swap out and the flat surface makes the substitution process a lot easier.
      Keep watching. I always enjoy your comments.

      Thanks for your input as always.

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